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End User

The users can login/register by clicking on the Login or Register option present on the RemoteXs portal.
Click on Forgot Password? link and enter the Registered Email Id and following the steps thereafter, present on the User Login page of their RemoteXs portal.
After logging into your Institute’s RemoteXs portal, select Tutorials in the menu and you can view the tutorials.
RemoteXs can be used through any browser enabled devices (Smartphone, Laptops and PCs).
Select Online Article Request option under the Feedback menu on the RemoteXs portal.
RemoteXs has inbuilt Site search(title level) feature but integration of third party subscribed searches such as Discovery Search is possible.
Go to Feedback menu and select Suggestion for Purchase on the RemoteXs portal for recommending the purchase of any resource/title.
You can use the Live Chat support system on the portal for help or select Technical Support under Feedback menu on the RemoteXs portal.


Open your portal by dedicated URL and Go to Login option with valid credentials on the RemoteXs portal.
Yes, the admin can add/bulk-import users by using Add new RemoteXs User/Bulk Import Users through the Dashboard. Also, admin can disable, block and delete current users or set data download limits and validity period.
Integration of various authentication methods like SSO, SAML, LDAP and OAuth is possible as per institute's needs for the safe access of the resources.
RemoteXs technical team will make basic changes only (existing theme-based changes) to the portal layout. However, portal colour can be changed by Pick your portal color on the Dashboard.
Yes, Third Party Apps/Widget such as D-Space, Web OPAC, RSS Feeds and links of Online Newspapers can be integrated separately on the RemoteXs portal.
Yes, since RemoteXs is Cloud based infrastructure so it can be implemented in the institution if it doesn’t even have single IT Infrastructure. The library can surely use RemoteXs as its dedicated portal.
No, RemoteXs only provides Site Search(title level). Various searches like Google Scholar, PubMed Search and subscribed Discovery Search widgets can be integrated on the portal.
RemoteXs provides many inbuilt access control methods, such as:
  • Automatic User account expiry
  • Daily PDF document download limit
  • Daily data download limit
  • User category based Resources/database access.
Some of the Security measures built into RemoteXs are:
  • Automated temporary account locking (15 minutes) to prevent brute-force attacks on user accounts
  • Optional CAPTCHA for login forms
  • HTTPS protection for RemoteXs portal
  • Full user usage logs are preserved for 52 weeks. Comprehensive usage reports to easily detect any misuse
  • Download limit for PDF and data with automated cut-off to prevent abuse
  • User IP address log reports to help detect any possible abuse
  • Auto logout of idle user sessions
  • Ability to prevent concurrent sessions for the same user
  • Ability to block by Geo-location
  • Ability to grant user access based on on-campus and off-campus location of the user


Publishers get increased Usage, better security on content access, better usage stats and promotional support through RemoteXs.
Yes, Robotic/Machine downloads can be prevented by applying Data download limit on Users. Also, Admin can set per publisher daily PDF downloads limit for users. Also Admin can be notified if a certain download limit is crossed by a user.
No, RemoteXs only provides a platform to access the digital content for the Institute.
Please feel free to share your promo activity ideas to marketing@eclateng.com . We will be happy to collaborate.

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